Delaware Auto Keys

Delaware Auto Keys

A Custom Web Development Solution

Delaware Auto Keys is a mobile auto locksmith specializing in keys and remotes. Their primary service is car key replacement.


The owners of the company approached us because they could not find an off-the-shelf solution to manage their online orders effectively. The auto locksmithing industry has complex challenges with online orders and fulfillment; it’s a very technical trade and easy for people to become overwhelmed when shopping for the correct device. Most customers need help figuring out what products and services to purchase, and additionally, there is a high occurrence of people who require immediate remote emergency service.

To tailor this site, we forwent the traditional e-commerce model of browsing products and services and instead used a wizard to lead the user through the online purchasing process. This custom step-by-step feature starts by asking for the customer's car's year, make, and model, and then it walks them through finding the proper keys and services they need.


Per-Project Assistance

“Piccolina is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering today’s young children to become tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers.”


Women’s Suffrage Capsule Product Page Launch Honoring 100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment.

Piccolina was a relatively new company when we worked with the owners and marketing staff to design this layout. Artist sketches, style guides and icon assets were provided and followed for project completion.

Being an extension to a team is something we enjoy doing and are often called in to assist when needed. Many of our clients enjoy that we are willing to work behind the scenes, and once we understand the project scope, we assist as much as needed and can do so without much managing.

NDAs are often a part of our agreements and are honored if requested.

Anne L. Cooper

Single-Page Website

“The Law Office of Anne L. Cooper is a general practice law firm with a concentration in family law.


Anne approached us to help with developing a simple website to officially designate her identity and her professional services online. A single-page setup was perfect for her current needs, and it’s a very popular choice for establishing a proper web presence. Additionally, we did a staff training session so the site’s content can be edited and managed by Anne’s in-house team with minimal effort.


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